Organizations, and consulting films are perpetually engaged in a fierce battle to win the attention of the public (prospective customers).

Some organizations create sensational stories and scandals to keep their names in the minds of the public. Brands or companies who are able to dramatize their cause in the most newsworthy and button pushing ways have the competitive edge over others.


Economic gains, ethical standards and potential reach are key criteria that help organization select their content and the medium to share. Content is the key factor that determines the acceptability of brand, products or its services.

In the battle for attention, organizations now hijack trending issues and hashtags to generate awareness, consequently, they generate sales lead too.

The main strategies for awareness creation for businesses are through display advertisement, sponsored ads, press releases, and most recently is their participation in Events or hosting one and being on the spotlights of issues or social media trends.


TOSSE is a great platform to have the spotlights on your brand. With necessary awareness through unique display of products or services features you will get the most out of TOSSE event.


How can you break through the limitations you have set for your business? The process starts with identifying business opportunities with strategic foresight, coming up with solutions that will transform your organization from just a Business Enterprise to a Global Brand and most important, is to take action to achieve all of your business goals.