In dealing with retail and online intermediaries, sales representatives may experience some form of unexpected complications which sometimes lead to crisis and if not properly managed, may further result to communication breakdown between brand and its customers.  Direct Marketing eliminates the fear of brand misrepresentation and this is one of the reasons why companies market their product at trade show like TOSSE to give firsthand impression about their brand, products and services.

TOSSE 2019 seeks to take DIRECT MARKETING to a whole new level and this is not just about interacting with prospective clients to achieve successful sales, but infusing a CUSTOMIZED experience for customers to share more synergy and drive emotional brand loyalty. Acceptance of the brand hereby, increase sales and turnovers on a much faster rate to achieve overwhelming satisfaction for both parties.

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Benefits of Direct Marketing

  • Establish more personal relationship and friendship with prospects and customers
  • Direct market present opportunity to increase company’s turnover.
  • Have a flexible schedule
  • The opportunity to be involved in mentorship from competing brands.
  • Firsthand analytic to learn about your products or services performance in the market
  • Opportunity to evaluate your products and brand performance at close range
  • Based on needs and wants of consumers, market survey will enable you initiate new products into the market before competitors do.
  • Monitor brand progress and make improvement within short time