Conferences and trade shows present fantastic opportunities to learn the direction your product’s market niche is going. At TOSSE 2019 there is an opportunity for you to do some competitive analysis which will guide the positioning or re-positioning of your brand.

It’s all about knowing WHAT they are doing right and WHAT they are doing wrong. 

One thing is certain, after doing a proper analysis of the market share and your competitors’ selling strategies; you will be able to piece together old and new marketing or sales strategies that suit your products or services.  Sometimes we believe that we have it all sorted, but you will discover that we still have to pay attention to type of marketing and advertising techniques use by competitors. 

At TOSSE 2019, You Can:

  • Observe which booths are attracting visitors and selling out their products or services right on the spot.
  • Take record of special deals, competitive pricing  of products similar to yours and discover how you can adjust or gain a larger market share.  Companies also increase market share through innovation, strengthening customer relationships, smart hiring practices, and acquiring competitors
  • Learn new tactics used by SALESPERSONS and infuse creatively.

Join us on Thursday, 6th – Friday, 7th June 2019 at  Ten Degrees Event Centre, Billings Way, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.  

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