Attend TOSSE
6th & 7th – June – 2019

Visiting TOSSE

What a great show it’s been… a fun and lively atmosphere, great sessions from all the inspiring speakers line-up and most of all, enormous numbers of exhibitors showcasing innovative products and solutions to help make a real impact in your school.

TOSSE 2018 featured the largest planetarium in west Africa, Qbrat Zoo for a live Nat Geo Wide experience and a Parent Help Desk provided for parent consultation with professionals on parenting matters.

Whether you are responsible for one or many pupils with distinctive educational needs, you will find the support and resources you require at TOSSE for all levels of education. TOSSE also provides practical products, advice, and learning’s that you can take back to your home, schools, and classrooms, to continue inspiring your students.

Thank you for attending TOSSE 2018, we look forward to welcoming you to TOSSE 2019.

Expected Participants

  • School Owners

  • Administrators

  • Teachers

  • Special Needs Teachers

  • Students

  • Parents
  • Teacher and Parents.
  • Heads of school

  • Education Consultants

  • Exhibitors
  • Professional Associations / Bodies
  • Government Agencies
  • Other Visitors

Why You Should Visit TOSSE 2018

Let’s break it down further…

  • Seminars that you will find really impactful
  • Innovative products, services and new ideas that will totally change the way you run your school
  • Very pleasant and comfortable exhibition ambience
  • Networking opportunities
  • TOSSE take away bags
  • Lots of exciting prizes to be won

“I was at TOSSE 2018 event and it was awesome, educative and impactful. Congrats to Yinka and her team for the wonderful program. Kudos
Chinyere Obiako

“At TOSSE 2018: TOSSE Edumark has gone beyond being an exhibition to an experience. And if you are an educator, and you missed TOSSE 2018 or have never been to this event, then you don’t know how much you are missing. If I were you, I will mark my calendar for TOSSE 2019. It comes up early June.”
Adedamola Adedokun Olofa

Visitors Attractions

Leadership Seminar

Delivered by certified John Maxwell Scholars. To reserve your space, please call: 07011202454 or 07054623308.

Seminar Certification

For visitors who are attending the free seminars and will like to get a certificate, If you will also like to get the course materials, that will be available for a minimal fee. Contact Us

Consultant Badge

For delegates who have registered as visitors but are consultants that will like to network, share their fliers and complimentary cards, you are required to get a consultant’s badge.